Didgeridoo-workshop for beginners

at VHS Wuppertal

with Matthias "Mad Matt" Eder

Saturday 10th of march and sunday 11th of march 2012

Sorry, Mad Matt is lacking free weekends in the 2nd half of 2012 to teach in Wuppertal, so the next Didgeridooworkshop will be scheduled for the 1st half of 2013 in Wuppertal.

The first one to be informed, when the date is scheduled will be you, if you just subscribe to Mad Matt´s Workshop-Newsletter.

Well mate, you want to learn to play the Didgeridoo, the ritual Instrument of the australian aboriginal people ?

Then you´ve hit the right spot at the VHS in Wuppertal, where you can do this in an easy going way with a caring teacher who teaches this great instrument since 1996 professionally.

During these two days of the workshop you take your time and have fun experimenting to get all the bits and pieces of how to play the didgeridoo - learning by doing, with a lot of training, abit of help here and there, and lots of information.

Mad Matt caters for everyone. From "i never blown into this hollow log" up to "i have serious problems learning how to circular breathe".

You learn it all: From the basic drone, harmonics, voice like the "Dingo" up to circular breathing in an easy to learn, step by step way. Having learnt all this in the workshop, you later on will be able to play and learn from your Didgeridoo by yourself.

And you learn how to feel the tone, listen to your Didgeridoo, and last, but not least, that´s for sure, how to switch off the brains to get the full sensual experiance of this great musical instrument.


Mad Matt spent some time in Australia and with Aboriginal people, so there will be enough time for a yarn and your questions about his experiances with Aboriginal Elders, too, no worries. Whatever turns your crank, just ask.

Enjoy these two days the best way possible, they are two days of your life.


Mad Matt is a learned Physiotherapist, and worked in different hospitals before he stopped doing this to be a selfemployed Didgeridoo-artist and - teacher.

So he of course has the physiological background and experiance with different kinds of clinical pictures, and since 1996 quite a few of his students suffered of sleep-apnea, tinnitus, obstructive lung diseases and "burn-out". As a Didgeridoo teacher AND Physio Mad Matt can do the best for all of you and provide the best possible success you can experiance wherever you are in life right now.

This experiance of course big time depends on the quality of the instrument you learn on. That´s way Mad Matt supplies real australian Didgeridoos. You can learn on these original instruments, as well as you can purchase them during the workshop, if you wish.

If you already own a Didgeridoo, please bring it with you.

To make sure, everyone has the best possible condition to learn, the maximum number of participants is limited to 12


   Location : VHS Wuppertal, Auer Schulstr. 20 in 42105 Wuppertal-Elberfeld

   Saturday 10.03.2012  from 10.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr

   Sunday  11.03.2012  from 10.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr

   Original instruments are provided for a fee

   To subscribe for the workshop, just click the link below:

   VHS Wuppertal

   Further workshops for beginners and advanced players in other cities throughout germany  you´ll find here



About Mad Matt :  

Matthias "Mad Matt" Eder

having learnt musical instruments such as singing, flute, cello, and guitar since the age of 7, he discovered the Didgeridoo in 1993 and was instantly "infected" by the beautiful sound of this instrument and made it the centre of his musical life teaching and performing.

His Solo-Concerts mad Matt played in churches all over Germany, and with the band "Blowmotion" (with Jan-Philipp Tödte on afr. percussion for acoustic concerts and loop station/HPD15 for rather groovy events) Mad Matt performed several times in Bonn´s top location for independent music "Harmonie" as well as the Women´s Football Worldcup in 2011 and at quite a few Didgeridoo-Festivals.

So far, Mad Matt has released two CDs: "Erldunda left" with Eder & Hortling in 1998 and "Art of Didge" with David Lindner and York Wendland in 2000. You can find Mad Matt´s music on several Didgeridoo-Compilations. His other musical side as a celloist can be heard on 2 CDs of "Sopor Aeternus".

Mad Matt´s learned his way of teaching during hundreds of workshops with his students as well as with other teachers, who always and still give great input on him, be it Didgeridoo teachers or teachers of other instruments Mad Matt still learns or tries to improve on. The workshops by a great part integrate his knowledge about the body (from his experiance as a physiotherapist), knowledge about music from his 13 years upbringing in a music school as well as the experiances he made travalling Australia every now and then to learn new techniques of playing, learn about Aboriginal culture and buy new Yidaki/Didgeridoo directly in the communities where they come from.

Mad Matt´s teachers are traditional owners of the Didgeridoo such as David Blanasi, Milkayingu Munungurr und Djalu Gurruwiwi, as well as indigenous players with a rather contemporary playing style like Alan Dargin and white-fella Didgeridooplayers like Alastair Black, Charly Mc Mahon, Phill Spencer, Sven Molder, Jeremy Cloake a.m.m.

His style of playing is mainly contemporary with the occasional traditional footprint, and even with funky grooves shows a quite unique spiritual depth and complexity you hardly find anywhere else.


Mad Matt lives as a freelance Didgeridoo-artist and -teacher in Siegburg near Köln and is quite active as an organiser with Australia2000 in Bonn, workshops for different international Didgeridoo-teachers such as Bruce Rogers (AUS), Jeremy Cloake (NZ), Ondrej Smeykal (CZ) and The White Cockatoo Performance Group (AUS), as a sponsor of Didgeridoo-Communities such as the austrian Didgeridooforum and the worldwide Didgeridoo-Network, as well as a supplier of australian Didgeridoos and Yidakis with an own Webshop and a managing director of the german Didgeridooforum, thus keeping the Didgeridoo-scene alive and busy learning about the ways of the Didgeridoo.

He certainly is the best booked Didgeridooteacher and -artist germany-wide and one of the Didgeridoopeople throughout the world with the highest reputation and professional integrity.



For further info check out www.didgeridoos.eu (german only)

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